While there you may also give to the EMRC Foundation which is a 501c3
Please click on the story title to read the "fine print."

IF FOR ANY REASON the Glass Recycling Project does not happen, all donations will ONLY be used for local community environmental sustainability projects/programs and/or local youth environmental education projects/programs (like KEEN: Kittitas Environmental Education Network: ttps://www.ycic.org/)
ALL DONATIONS made to EMRC Foundation are 501c3 tax deductible. Please provide your name and address with your donation to receive a qualified charitable contribution receipt.
Also use the link to the square site for convenience.  However know that a processing fee, and percentage of your donation pays for the use of the Square Site (like any other 3rd party Credit Card Processing Service).  So please consider giving a larger donation to cover the cost of processing.
Donations may also be made by check payable to EMRC Foundation Note on check: Glass Recycling / Environmental Fund.  Address to: Ellensburg Moring Rotary Club, P. O. Box 12, Ellensburg, WA 98926