A response from Judy  to let me know she will not be attending the Board meeting and up date on the trip.

Bob, as you know we are in S. Sudan so can't make it.  But, we are attending a Rotary meeting, Rotary Club of Juba, tonight.  They are the group that helped us last year so we are looking forward to seeing them. The turnover here is so great that we are not sure how many folks will still be around.   All is well here, but very hot.  Temps have been in the l00's with 80-90% humidity. Yuk! We are still in Juba so have internet and AC part of the time.  Tomorrow we leave for Akon, where there is none of that fancy stuff, so it should be even more of an adventure.  We are going to the orphanage today to give them the pillow case dresses, shirts, scarves, books and scholarships that our Club and the student IRA group from CWU + Rotaract students have put together.  We will take lots of pictures.  If your meeting is short on Thursday feel free to share our little update. 

Smiles, Judy and Phil